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Below are various resources, references, videos and other materials that complement or inform our efforts.  To help us with our experiment, and to acknowledge and work through various challenges, we have listed resources that are both for and against direct assistance.

A Salt Lake resident posts on Reddit about losing their home here

A conservative fellow traveler discusses poverty here

A popular YouTuber gives unsheltered individuals $1000 in cash here

Jain Familiy Institute discusses cash assistance here

An argument against direct cash and related concepts here

DailyKos on Stockton, CA basic income experiment here

Atlantic Monthly on Stockton, CA study here

Critique of cash transfers here


Evans and Popova meta-analysis from 2017 here


Bastagli et al meta-analysis from 2018 here  

Reason TV discusses Give Directly's approach to international aid here

Why the US Can't Solve Homelessness here

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