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Hive Infrared is an experiment in poverty relief.  Is direct cash assistance to those in need an effective way of alleviating poverty?    

We began with our Founder's interest in "alternative" methods of addressing homelessness in Salt Lake City, UT.  He has a background in "low touch" research methods, is a professor of management and strategy, and is a US Marine. 


We are particularly concerned with helping unsheltered persons who are "resource resistant."  Resource resistant persons typically avoid homeless shelters and related care providers.  There is a high number of veterans among resource resistant unsheltered.


If you would like learn more or contribute to Hive Infrared, please contact us and send along a bio and your goals/interests. 

Founder/Executive Director -- Brian Wierman, PhD, MBA


We are the beginning stages of its organizational plans.  If you are interested in learning more, please see some of our notes and progress below:

-- We are finalizing our incorporation documents and bylaws.  We will incorporate Q1 2023.


-- Once incorporated, we will be able to receive tax-deductible donations. 


-- In Q1 2023, will will build and submit for 1023-EZ Streamline Submission for 501(c)(3) status.  

-- We have secured pro bono in-kind legal advice for the formation of our core documents.

-- We have secured pro bono in-kind accounting advice.

-- We conducted our first street outreach and pilot on 9 Apr 2022.  

-- The team adjusted from our working name, "Just Help SLC" to our new name, Hive Infrared in late 2022.

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