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How it works

How it works

Donations --> Hive Infrared client/recipient vetting --> direct cash assistance to those in need --> observe effects --> distribute findings/learning

Hive Infrared is an experiment in poverty relief.  Is direct cash assistance to those in need an effective way of alleviating poverty?   


Poverty is a complex and wide-ranging phenomenon.  For some, this might mean housing insecurity due to a recent illness, for others, it could mean chronic homelessness, possibly stemming from or associated with abuse, addiction and mental health challenges.


For our operations, we use a small percentage (<10%) to fund our overhead, then we pass the remaining resources directly to various clients and recipients, usually in the form of cash or debit cards.  Recipients of our help are free to do what they feel is best with the money.  This is a dignifying experience.


We find and vet clients through partnerships with the leading poverty and homeless services in our community, and through our own street and related outreach.  Our criteria are diverse; people experience poverty in many different ways, and there is no one size fits all approach.  Ultimately, we use our intuition.  With our best insight, if we feel like a person or family could use our help, we give them resources.  Our goal is to limit the qualifications, requirements or caveats.  


If a recipient is open to a dialogue and interaction, our research team will use that interaction to generate insight on the effects of our direct assistance.  Our goal is to publish that research openly and widely, both at the peer-reviewed academic level, and in social media and other appropriate outlets.  Interaction and being the subject of our research is not a requirement to receive aid.

Please consider helping our project!  Our greatest need is funding.  If you would like to donate, we will be able to take cash donations starting in August 2022.  Please consider emailing Brian, our founder, at if interested.  


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